PD Mentor

Remote Health Monitoring of Parkinson Disease (PD) Patients Combining Wearable Devices and Mobile Applications

PD Mentor technology aims the remote health monitoring of PD patients by providing the physician with essential information for best patient personalized disease management. Wearable devices and mobile applications can automatically quantify the motor symptoms for a PD patient ensuring correct recording and assessment on treatment options. Patients may complete motor study tasks at home during their day-to-day living or in the clinic. The PD Mentor system generates reports to accurately quantify tremor (resting, action and postural), assess dyskinesia and measure bradykinesia and document symptom severity in response to treatment protocols.

 A standardized patient kit, consisting of PD Glove motion sensors and a mobile application guide physician and patients through the automated assessments. Clinically-validated scoring algorithms built in to the system quantify tremor, measure bradykinesia, and assess dyskinesia. The reports generated are managed either by HIPAA-compliant, web-based storage, or imported to electronic medical records. PD Mentor technology is under CE-mark certification process

PD Glove
Architecture of the Central management system
Selected mobile application screenshots