New generation Repellents

Innovative, Long Acting, Biologically Active Natural Products against a Broad Range of Biting Insects

Resurgent of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, West Nile fever, leishmaniasis and more recently Zika infection has increased public awareness. The extensive use of modern synthetic insecticides in vector control programmes has led to the selection pressure on insect populations that caused many species to evolve resistance against various commonly used insecticides making their control more arduous than ever before.

Qualia Pharma focuses on developing novel repellents superior in terms of duration of protection, minimum effective dose, and efficacy against a broad range of biting insects, cosmetic properties and safety. Importantly, emphasis is given on biologically active natural products from essential oils and plant extracts with low mammalian and environmental toxicity that can replace synthetic repellents in new, more effective and environmentally-sound and sustainable products.

Qualia Pharma in collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation and the Benakio Phytopahtological Institute has established an innovative Odorant Binding Proteins -based “reverse chemical ecology” approach which combines in silico and in vitro techniques for the detection of biologically active semiochemicals of plant origin. The newly identified compounds can be used as “green” agents for personal protection as well as in “push-pull” strategies, mass trapping, lure and kill tactics, respectful of the environment and human health. Candidate products are in the phase of evaluation, including in vivo laboratory and field testing.