Our Company

Qualia Pharma was founded in 2009, focusing exclusively in the Health Care sector and providing a broad range of added value products.

Qualia (/kwɑ ː liə/ or /kweɪliə/ singular: quale), is a term used in philosophy to refer to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience, such as the perceived redness of red color, the sweet taste of honey or the distinct aroma of jasmine.

Our company was named Qualia Pharma, under the belief that there is no objective evaluation of companies and people; there are only subjective qualitative perceptions and experiences. While working with integrity, we are striving to build a remarkable bond with our clients, so that everyone feels our company unique and the bond precious.

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Our Vision

To add more years to human life and more life to human years

Our Mission

To search, create and offer innovative & high quality solutions to the contemporary needs of Human Health

Our Values

Our corporate Values constitute  the solid basis of our strategic decisions and business operations.

The same Values are communicated to our customers, as a step closer to understanding our company’s identity. We aim these Values to be translated – through their effective business implementation – into a strong competitive advantage to our company.


Our main goal is to create and sustain a climate of perpetual development, growth and change. The processes, procedures and policies have been developed and adopted to serve this purpose. Qualia Pharma is certified under ISO 9001.

 The team of Qualia pharma consists of well-experienced professionals with an international successful track record. The team is committed to innovation for products and services offered and shares with passion the same goal: The continuous improvement in Healthcare for a better Life.

Our People

Georgia Anastasopoulou

Managing Director

Sofia Galatoula

Financial Director

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Important Notice!

Be cautious if you've received an unsolicited offer to work remotely for Qualia Pharma, especially if they're asking you to pay for anything upfront.

We would like to inform you, that currently, Qualia Pharma IS NOT RECRUITING.

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